Refill Million Dollar Nail Art Kit – Mermaid-Chrome-Mirror-Chameleon-Holographic


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Refill Million Dollar Nail Art Kit – Mermaid-Chrome-Mirror-Chameleon-Holographic

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Select Refill from £1.99  or Full Kit £39.99 Under Options
Refills Options below – If you have the kit and want to refill select from list.
 Silver Mirror Powder, Gold Mirror Powder, Holo Foil Pink, Holo Foil Clear, Holo Foil Blue, Holo Foil Purple, 4 x Nail Transfer sheets, AB Diamontes Multi-Size, Non Wipe Top Coat, Gold Crown Nail Brush Holder, 6 x Nail Art Brushes, Pink 100/180 Nail File, Large Mermaid Sequins 3D Pink, Small Mermaid Sequins Green, Glitter Gold, Glitter Silver, Mermaid Powder, Chameleon Pink/White, Chameleon Teal/White, Mirror Powder Pink, Purple Mirror Powder, Teal Mirror Powder, Blue Mirror powder, Chrome Purple Mirror Powder, Holographic Flakes, Holographic Glitter, Holographic Fine Powder, Foam Nail Brush Glitter Application, 6 x Dabbing Brushes- Rub in Holo/Mirror

Million Dollar Nail Art Kit – Mermaid-Chrome-Mirror-Chameleon-Holographic Full Kit Includes One Million Dollar Nail Art Kit £39.99

Demo Video to follow
Kit includes;
Nail Foils
Nail Foil Holographic Pink x 1 
Nail Foil Holographic Purple x 1
Nail Foil Holographic Blue x 1
Nail Foil Holographic Clear x 1
To be cut into shapes and set in non-wipe over any colour
Nail Art Transfers
Flowers/Diamond x 1
Gold Bows x 1
Symbol Line Gold x 1
Block Line Gold x 1
Peel back and place on nail cut to size, if on strip. Cover with non wipe to finish.
Top Coat
Essex Girl Non Wipe – Top Coat
Multi-Size AB Wheel 
12 sections
White Nail Pusher
Foam – to push on glitter
Nail Art Brushes 
Nail Art Brushes x 6
Gold Crown Nail Holder
To hold brushes while using
Pink Nail File x 1
100/180 washable foam
EDS – 12 Tweezers pointed
Used to pick up diamonds or Foil and place on nail
Large Mermaid Sequins x 1 
Small Mermaid Sequins/Glitter x 1
Green /Purple
Gold Glitter pot x 1
Silver Glitter Pot x 1
Mermaid White x 1
Chrome Mirror powder
Pink Gold Chrome x1
Gold Chrome x 1
Silver Chrome x 1
Purple Chrome x 1
Colour Change Chameleon
Teal – White Mermaid x 1
Pink – White Mermaid x 1
Holographic range
Fine Holo Powder x 1
Holo Flakes x 1
Holo Glitter x 1
6 Dabbing Brushes 
To rub in chrome powder/Holo

Additional information

Refill Million Dollar Nail

4x Nail Transfer Sheets – 3.99, 6x Dabbing Brushes 3.99, 6x Nail Art Brushes – 4.99, AB Diamontes Multi Size – 2.99, Blue Mirror Powder – 5.99, Chameleon Pink/White – 4.99, Chameleon Teal/White – 4.99, Chrome Purple Mirror Powder – 5.99, Foam Nail Brush Glitter Applic.. – 2.99, Glitter Gold – 2.99, Glitter Silver – 2.99, Gold Mirror Powder – 5.99, Holo Foil Blue – 1.99, Holo Foil Clear – 1.99, Holo Foil Pink – 1.99, Holo Foil Purple – 1.99, Holographic Fine Powder – 6.99, Holographic Flakes – 7.99, Holographic Glitter – 5.99, Large Mermaid Sequins 3D Pink – 2.99, Mermaid Powder – 3.99, Mirror Powder Pink – 5.99, Non White Top Coat – 7.99, Pink 100/180 Nail File – 1.99, Purple Mirror Powder – 5.99, Silver Mirror Powder – 5.99, Small Mermaid Sequins Green – 2.99, Teal Mirror Powder – 5.99


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