Spray Tanning Kit Fake Tan HVLP Machine & Tent Curtan- Rental £6.49 Per Week


Essex Girl – Spray Tanning Kit Rental  £6.49 Per week

Why Rent? 
Our customer demands are changing – we are responding to this by offering new services.
From feedback we know that a large percentage of customers, buy a kit at £69.99! for an Event or Occasion. Often, this will mean that the machine will be left in storage uncleaned/maintained and then a few months later when needed again for use, will not work – due to blockages in the gun head.
How Does It work?
  1. You pay the first week in advance £6.49- To book. 
  2. Then send us your email address and we will follow up with sending you the direct debit mandate online & Hire agreement online (which can be signed online) to be completed along with the returnable deposit (£35.00)
  3. The Direct Debit (Go Contactless) must be setup & deposit paid before the kit is dispatched 
  4. We will cancel the Direct Debit – as soon as the kit is dropped off at the post office or drop shop – just share the tracking with us.
  5. Direct Debits are managed by: Go Cardless and will show on your bank statement as – Go Cardless -ref: EssexGirlBea
  6. Once we get the Spray Tan kit back will check its in good working order and then return your £35.00 deposit.  
  7. Please return the kit back to the address on the Hire Agreement.
  8. Please clean the gun through with soapy warm water and then warm water – after every day to avoid it getting blocked.
  9. If you get stuck – please join our support group or make contact. 
Whats included: 
  • 1 x Spray Tanning Machine
  • 1 x Spray Tanning Curtain 
You can purchase additional items from us such as; Spray Tanning Solutions, tan erasers etc – if you need to – will add on 100ml bottles & accessories in the drop down menu. 
Happy Tanning 

Available on back-order



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