New Pro LVL Fall Into The volume Lash Lifting kit -Lash Volume Lift Student Kit




New Pro LVL Fall Into The volume Gold Lash Lifting kit -Lash Volume Lift Student Kit  LVL 2 Student


All chemical products (including Adhesives, Primer, Remover, Semi-Permanent Mascara and Lash Perm products etc.) listed in ESSEX GIRL BEAUTY Ltd eBay site are for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Untrained use is not allowed and ESSEX GIRL BEAUTY Ltd cannot be held responsible. You must be trained, certified and insured adequately to use our Products. 
Fall into the volume Gold – Has been designed and tested to give you the perfect lash volume lift treatment. Each product has been hand selected based on its performance for Lash Lift.
Perming kit yields approximately 20+ applications depending on the character of the lashes and how much solution is required.
Easy & fast application only takes up to 45 minutes for the whole procedure.
  • Choose the desired sized pad and place as close to the root of the lashes as possible. (Remove makeup with oil-free eye pads)
  • Use a brush with a dab of glue and brush a lashes upward over the rod.
  • Then sweep the lashes in an upward motion. Make sure the lashes are straight and fan lashes out evenly on the silicone pad.
  • Then perm lashes as you normally would.
  • Silicone pads are reusable and is easy to clean. Just wash with soap and water when done. Dry silicone pad and store in a bag or container.
You can select a refill or full kit on this page.
The Student kit  £39.99 (with box) – includes;
  • Cream 1 (Perm) 10-15mins depending on lash thickness/condition.
  • Cream 2 (Fixing) 10-15 mins depending on lash thickness/condition.
  • Lash cleanser (For Removal of any remaining Perm/Fix lotion Residue before applying Collagen) 
  • Collagen Conditioner Oil – (Condition the lashes after Procedure) as this does dry lashes out and rebuilds. I had been using this before adding to the kit, to strengthen my lashes after having extensions on. I would apply every day before putting on mascara. After a week, I could see they were thicker and in better condition. with out this just using mascara would just dry them out even more.
  •  Ultra-Fix Gel ( Stronger hold than other fixing gels on the market)
  •  Lash coating (clear) Great to use after (tinting) to add a glossy finish. 
  •  S/M/L – Set of x 3 pairs Lash Shields – To offer 3 types of lift depending desired outcome for customer x 2 sets.
  • 1 Lash Lift – Tool Plastic Stick to push back lashes onto Guards.
  • 5 x pairs of Silk Eye pads – to hold down bottom lashes.
  • 3 x Mascara Wands
  • 10 x Micro-brushes 
  • Mixing palette – To avoid double dipping or using twice the amount of micro brushes. Tip small amount into the mixing dish.
  • Beauty/Facial Head Band – To hold the customers hair away from the face/lashes. 
  • Instructions – Step by Step.
Refills: – Can be purchased separately see price below ;
Cream 1 – £4.50  Cream 2 – £4.50  Lash Cleanser £4.50  Collagen Conditioner £4.50   Lash Coating Clear (extra thick) £4.50 Ultra Fix Gel £4.50  Lash Guards x 3 £4.99


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