New 2018 Pro Gel (Poly Gel) Light Pink Gel brush Spatula Slip Solution Pop Nails


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New 2018 Pro Gel (Poly Gel) Clear Gel brush Spatula Slip Solution Pop Nails 

  • Buy the Full kit or refills 
  • Brush + Spatula  
  • Dapper Dish 
  • Slip Solution 
  • Pro Gel (Poly Gel) 30g 
  • 100 psc Pop Nails Pack
  • Full Kit – all of the above 
Demo Video shows how to use our Pro Gel on our face-book page 
  • Instructions : Prepare Nail – Apply Base Coat and cure under lamp
  • Squeeze The Pro Gel and Cut 2/3 cm’s worth gel with the Spatular 
  • Take the desired  Pop Nail from the pack scrape the Pro Gel onto the Nail pushing the gel into the nail. (not to thick)
  • Take the brush and a very small amount of  Slip Solution brush into the Nail to create the desired shape.
  • Press on the nail if any of the Pro Gel appears at the sides – take a small amount of slip solution and clean up the sides
  • Cure under Led Lamp 36watt 1 minute
  • Press Top and Bottom – Then Right to Left on the side hinges, slowly remove nail
  • File & Shape with 100/180 Grit Nail file
  • Apply a thin layer of Top Coat and Cure 1 minute under Led Lamp

Additional information

Pro Gel (Poly Gel) Light Pink

100 Pack Pop Nails, Brush+Spatular – 6.99, Dapper Dish, Full Kit Option – 25.00, Pro Gel 30g Light Pink – 7.99, Slip Solutions 50ml – 6.99


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