Essex Girl Pro Gel (poly-Gel) Kit Glitter & Sequins Blue Diamond (36) Lamp


Essex Girl Pro Gel (poly-Gel) Kit Glitter & Sequins Blue Diamond (36) Lamp

kit comes with – Below List

1 x Lamp Essex Girl 2021 Iridescent Silver Holographic UV/LED Nail Lamp

Dual Power settings – 24W/48W
Timer Setting 5/30/60 Seconds
30 illuminating Led Gold Lights
Hand Sensor on/off mode
Magnetic Removable Back Plate
Size 18cm Length x 15cm x width x8cm Depth
For all your Nail procedures in 2021 this Lamp the features – Nail Art/ Acrylic/ Gel Polish/Poly Gel

1 x Glitter & Sequin Pro Gel (Poly Gel) Blue 36 – 30g tube

Instructions : Prepare Nail – Apply Base Coat and cure under lamp
Squeeze The Pro Gel and Cut 2/3 cm’s worth gel with the Spatular
Take the desired Pop Nail from the pack scrape the Pro Gel onto the Nail pushing the gel into the nail. (not to thick)
Take the brush and a very small amount of Slip Solution brush into the Nail to create the desired shape.
Press on the nail if any of the Pro Gel appears at the sides – take a small amount of slip solution and clean up the sides
Cure under Led Lamp 36watt 1 minute
Press Top and Bottom – Then Right to Left on the side hinges, slowly remove nail
File & Shape with 100/180 Grit Nail file
Apply a thin layer of Top Coat and Cure 1 minute under Led Lamp

Please see our demo videos – on how to apply with dual forms

1 x Base Coat Essex Girl Gel Base Coat 15ml

1 x Essex Girl Non Wipe Top Coat 15ml – Apply after two coats of base colour. Set for 30/60 seconds, depending on UV/LED Lamp.

1 x Essex Girl Ultra Bond Primer -15ml
Prep the nails. Apply one layer of PH bond> Apply one layer of primer. Apply one layer of Base Coat and cure under a UV/Led Lamp 30/60 secs lamp depending.

1 x Essex Girl Ph Bond 15ml – Prep the Nail. Apply one layer of PH Bond, then one layer of Primer, then one coat of Base and cure.

1 x 100 Dual Nails – Reusable

1 x Gel Brush – Spatula End

1 x Dappen Dish

1 x 60ml Nail Prep/Slip

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