Essex Girl Makeup Set Technic- Contour- LipKits- Unicorn Prism- Glitter




Essex Girl Beauty Makeup Kit Technic – Contour Lipkits – Unicorn Prism – GlitterĀ 

  • Technic Eyelash Curlers
  • Technic False Eyelashes Strip Lashes Natural A27
  • Tech False Eyelash Applicator
  • Technical Prism Starry Eyes Cream Celestial
  • Technic Lip Scrub Exfoliating Scrub
  • Technic Glitter Gold Eyeliner
  • Technic Eyeliner Pencil with smudge & sharpener
  • Technic Brow Pencil Black / Brown
  • Technic Get Lashed Mascara
  • Technic Mega Bronze
  • Technic Superfine Matt Blusher
  • Technic Contour Stix
  • Technic Primer Spray
  • Technic Soft Focus Transparent loose powder
  • Technic Eyeshadow primer Matt
  • Technic Eyeshadow Shimmer cream palette
  • Technic Concealer palette (hide it)
  • Technic Lip Kit Scarlet Fever
  • Technic Lip Kit Show me the honey
  • Technic Bronze eyeshadow palette
  • Technic Sultry Mulberry Eyeshadow
  • Technic Sultry whoopla Eyeshadow
  • Technic Matte Eyeshadows
  • Technic Nudes Eyeshadows
  • Eyebrow Stencil x 4
  • Eyeshadow Stencil / Eyeliner
  • Gold Necklace / Bracelet Tattoo
  • Yurily Eyeshadow Blend brush
  • k @ T precision angled brush


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