Essex Girl Beauty Spray Tan solution For HVLP machine Fake Tanning


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Essex Girl Beauty – Spray Tan
Essex Girl beauty spay tan sells in 1000ml (1litre) or 100ml (sample)
The sample bottle does not have the branded labels currently
Essex Girl Beauty Spray Tan is for people who want a beautiful, natural, dark tan.
Our fantastic tanning solution does not clog pores
Essex Girl Beauty Spray tan is made with zero Alcohol/Oil based products – this stops the HVLP gun from being clogged up and speeds up drying time.
Essex Girl Beauty Spray Tan is a unique water based solution. This makes it easier to clean from clothes and equipment.
Our tan has been tested after guide colour has been washed off – in places like a swimming pool and spa and the tan does not come off or fade.
To keep your tan looking good, you will need to moisturise. This will also help when removing the tan
This tan is being used at Essex Academy. (www.essexacademy.co.uk) https://www.facebook.com/EssexAcademy. please ask for feedback from the trainers/students

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Spray Tan Solution Options

1 Litre 10% + 27.99, 1 Litre 12% + 27.99, 1 Litre 14% + 27.99, 1 Litre 16% + 27.99, 4 Litres 10/12/14/16 +100


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